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Delegates from the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, and the Poland Earth Observation Department Visit NASA Harvest Hub

Delegation of visitors

NASA Harvest conducted a meeting with delegates from the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN), the Government Agricultural Statistics Department, and the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland on March 12th, 2020 to discuss the innovations and challenges in agriculture monitoring in Poland and how NASA Harvest and GEOGLAM can help enhance their crop monitoring capability to aid the food security policies.


Polish delegation visit


The day-long meeting covered the presentations and exchange of ideas between the NASA Harvest partners and the executives from Poland on various topics including crop statistics, crop mapping, yield prediction, cloud computing and new missions relating to the earth observation-based agriculture monitoring. NASA Harvest also arranged a visit for the delegation with researchers and partners from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS). The delegation also visited with our colleagues at the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

News Date
Mar 13, 2020
Christopher Justice