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Harvest Partners Co-Editing New Special Issue in Remote Sensing

Landsat 8 Concept. NASA Images

The first Landsat satellite was launched in 1972, opening up a new world of earth observation (EO) discovery. For 36 years the Landsat program collected huge amounts of data, however access to this data was often inaccessible due to high monetary cost required to access satellite imagery and the intensive computational resources needed to process the imagery. In 2008, however this changed and all Landsat imagery became freely available to the public and accessible through online portals. This new access—combined with the advent of other EO systems including the publicly-accessible Sentinel satellites from ESA or commercial sources like Planet, Inc., expanded computational power, and improved methodologies—has led to a massive increase of EO capability and created a plethora of new applications particularly in agriculture.


These recent advances in the application of remote sensing for agriculture are being curated in a new Special Issue, Recent Advances for Crop Mapping and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Data, in the journal Remote Sensing. The special issue is edited by Harvest Partner Mehdi Hosseini, Harvest’s Crop Condition Co-Lead Ritvik Sahajpal, and Harvest’s U.S. Domestic Co-Lead Hannah Kerner.


The co-editors are seeking work that documents applications including:

  • crop type mapping
  • crop water stress
  • crop disease monitoring
  • crop yield prediction
  • crop biophysical parameter estimation
  • cover crop mapping, and
  • crop residue monitoring using remote sensing data.


In particular, research that demonstrates advanced remote sensing techniques including multiresolution data fusion, SAR and optical data integration, SAR polarimetry, and SAR interferometry is especially welcome. 


Additionally, any work that utilizes advanced modeling methods in geostatistics and machine learning, or integrates these methods into physical models is encouraged.


Papers submitted to the Special Issue will be published continuously (as soon as accepted) in Remote Sensing and will be listed on the Special Issue site. Check out here for more information on how to submit an article!


News Date
Nov 18, 2020
Mehdi Hosseini, Ritvik Sahajpal, Hannah Kerner, Keelin Haynes