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Estefania Puricelli

Agricultural Economist, Co-lead of Markets and Trade, University of Maryland, Department of Geographical Sciences

How I work with Harvest

Ms. Puricelli is part of the University of Maryland Harvest Hub, providing support for Harvest activities and research. She helps advance research on the use of remote sensing for commodity price forecasting and market volatility. Estefania provides support for GEOGLAM activities, developing relationships and supporting economics-related research projects. She works to enhance synergies between GEOGLAM and AMIS (Crop Monitor / GEOGLAM project), working as a link between the two G-20 initiative projects. She contributes to different research projects and activities related to Harvest.


Ms. Puricelli has a Master’s in Agricultural Economics from the University of London, a degree in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management as well as a degree in Economics, both from the University of Buenos Aires. Estefania manages and coordinates the monthly AMIS Market Monitor report, the primary product of AMIS, a G-20 initiative, which involves the input of the ten international organizations of AMIS Secretariat, including FAO, GEOGLAM, IFPRI, IFAD, IGC, OECD, UNCTAD, the World Bank Group, WFP, and WTO. She enhances synergies between GEOGLAM and AMIS (Crop Monitor/GEOGLAM project), linking the two G-20 initiative projects. She also supports GEOGLAM activities, developing relationships with other organizations and advises economic/market-related projects, at a global level, and also at a regional level for Agriculture Monitoring in the Americas (AMA). She supports activities related to the Crop Monitor reports at a global level and works towards the dissemination of the information generated in the reports to external communities. Estefania co-leads the NASA Harvest working area on Markets and Trade, helping collaborate research on the use of remote sensing for commodity price forecasting and market volatility, among other activities. 

She was formerly a Senior Economist for the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange in Argentina, where she was responsible for the publication of reports issued by the Economic Research Institute. She also coordinated the start-up and development of the Grain Exchange Training Area, an online campus of virtual agricultural courses. She developed international and national relationships with other institutions (both private and public) in order to exchange information and prepare joint research projects.