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Keelin Haynes

Communications Coordinator

Senior Faculty Specialist, University of Maryland, Department of Geographical Sciences

How I work with Harvest

Keelin Haynes currently serves as the Communications Coordinator for the NASA Harvest Consortium. He engages partners and stakeholders to create news and media content;  helps develop and implement Consortium communications plans; presents on Consortium activities to internal and external audiences; and manages Consortium website content.


Keelin's previous research developed satellite-derived products for agricultural monitoring to inform decision-making and support market and food security policy.

Keelin received his Masters in Geography from Miami University of Ohio. His graduate studies focused on remote sensing applications in agricultural monitoring and wildfire modeling, machine learning classification, cloud processing of satellite imagery, and open source GIS methodologies.

His thesis focused on predictive land-cover/ land-use change modeling in southwest Vietnam, specifically on how economic, cultural, and policy decisions can drive crop conversion in the Mekong Delta.

Before joining Harvest, Keelin worked on projects including scenario driven landscape modeling for NASA’s Land-Cover/ Land-Use Change Program, arctic wildfire modeling in Greenland, and the analysis of remotely-sensed fire data for a NOAA/NASA FIREX-AQ field campaign.